Sagittarius Birthstone

Sagittarius Birth Stone – Topaz

The name Topaz means fire in Sanskrit. In the Middle Ages topaz was the symbol of love and loyalty. The yellow topaz is a birth stone for people born in November; blue one – for those born in December. Topaz is associated with the planet Jupiter.

This stone serves well to people who have a strong nervous system. This is a stone of self-realization; it helps to open inner doors, motivates masterfulness and fulfilling lifestyle. It grants practicality, orientation in every situation.

Topaz is the stone of creativity, individualism and intelligence; it turns negativity into positivity and helps to go through the periods of uncertainty. It helps visualizations, meditations and grants energy needed for changes in life. Topaz helps Sagittarius to express mind, protects from evils and jealousy. It is thought that Topaz has a lot of medical powers and can even cure diseases. Topaz stimulates metabolism, helps endocrine system.

Other stones related to Sagittarius: turquoise, amethyst, ruby and sapphire.

9 Comments on Sagittarius Birthstone

  1. Can some one tell me that I wear a yellowsuffier and is it good to wear 1 being a Sagittarius

  2. which finger should saggi wear topaz

  3. Maybe this is true but my birthstone is turquoise not topaz I was born 12.

  4. Johnisha Thomas // December 8, 2011 at 4:52 pm // Reply

    i love being a sag ma bday was on the first love it and i got a lot of friends that are sags

  5. its awesome being a Sagittarius because you get to discover new places and find out more about the world and everything else.other than that i am good at archery

  6. wellllllll novembers is topaz,decembers is turquoise.i know this bcuz my sisters is december and hes is turquoise,mine is topaz.*pouty face* shes so luky.turquoise is alot prettier thn topaz!!!!! :(

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