Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius and Aries: an ideal match. Both signs are active and enthusiastic about the word, so this combination is never boring. They aim for similar goals in life, so the marriage between Sagittarius and Aries could be very successful and beneficial. One issue they can encounter is problems in the bedroom but if they overcome it, the two signs are in for a joyful ride.

Sagittarius and Taurus: different types of people. Taurus could be displeased with Sagittarius’s need to search for new experiences. Sagittarius could become bored of Taurus’s practicality and need for stability. Taurus wants to create a perfect home, while Sagittarius is always ready to leave it. Their happiness is usually short-lived.

Sagittarius and Gemini: two opposites attract. They are both positive and passionate about many things and not likely to settle down in one place. The problem is that Gemini is likely to criticize Sagittarius for wasting energy. Their union could be very exciting but it also can be very short. The main requirement is to be supportive and patient with each other.

Sagittarius and Cancer: not likely to be progressive. Those two signs have completely different lifestyles. Cancer wants someone to depend on, someone to always be there, and Sagittarius cannot deliver. There is not enough challenge for Sagittarius in this relationship but if there is true love, it requires everyday work.

Sagittarius and Leo: compatible in many ways. Both signs enjoy entertainment, erotic encounters and freedom. There is an inspiration for Leo in this relationship, and Sagittarius is intrigued by what this relationship could bring. Marriage is likely to succeed.

Sagittarius and Virgo: too complicated. There are many spheres that could be problematic. Virgo wants a long-term relationship and commitment, while Sagittarius wishes to keep as much independence as possible. Their sexuality is expressed in different ways: Sagittarius has a huge appetite for sex, while Virgo is more interested in emotional connection than physical.

Sagittarius and Libra: beneficial union. Libra knows what Sagittarius likes, so this love relationship is likely to be exciting. One thing that Sagittarius could fail to provide for Libra is reliable and stable partnership. But once they learn how to work out their differences, this is a very enjoyable combination.

Sagittarius and Scorpio: could be too much to handle. Sagittarius is always ready to pack the bags and travel to new places, while Scorpio feels connected to one place. Scorpio could be too domineering for Sagittarius, who loves to be independent. This is why this union could be a disaster in a marriage, but talking about one night encounters, it could be enjoyable to both sides.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius: anything is possible. There is a sense of unpredictability in this combination. This relationship can bring their best features but it can also bring the worst ones too. The good thing is that they can be open and honest with each other. Even if the love affair ends unsuccessfully, the two Sagittarians can remain good friends.

Sagittarius and Capricorn: not likely to be a progressive union. Capricorn is too conservative for Sagittarius, and Capricorn could be irritated by Sagittarius’s irresponsibility. This relationship could be frustrating for both sides. Marriage is also likely to be full of disappointments and disputes.

Sagittarius and Aquarius: could be surprisingly enjoyable. Both signs are innovative and creative, so their love life could be interesting in a positive way. Both Sagittarius and Aquarius are active partners, and they share a lot of interests. Any problem they may have is settled with mutual understanding of each other’s wants and needs. There is a good chance that marriage between Sagittarius and Aquarius would be very successful.

Sagittarius and Pisces: passion, but no progress. Sagittarius always needs to be free, while Pisces constantly craves someone to rely on. Pisces can also be hurt by Sagittarius forthright nature and careless comments. The biggest problem is that their characters are too different for this love relationship to be balanced. Both can be very disappointed after a while, so a marriage between those two signs is not likely to be successful.

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  1. kashaf zahra // November 5, 2011 at 10:11 am // Reply

    so nice ……………………………i enjoy it only!

  2. im a sagittarius!!!!!!

  3. all us sagittarius aint we run this shit.fuck all the other people sagittarius

  4. saggitarius run dis shit

  5. Who runs this mother? Yeah Jupiter does!

  6. would give comment after being in any relationshp.

  7. Saggitarius rules

  8. Saggitarius too, i was alway ready to go and new places really excites me. And I love to try everything at least once in terms of adventure, I came to the point to wanting to be a mother a wife. So I guess it is partly true, though as I age() I become refine.

  9. Saggitarius Legend….!

  10. Danielle Johnson // January 3, 2012 at 2:12 am // Reply

    I disagree with only one thing, I mean usually this compatibility is pretty accurate and i trust it, But i am not an irrisponsible sag girl nor does my Capricorn Boyfriend find me a bad match because of irrisponibilty…. Just saying

  11. i love my sign

  12. Oh yeah dats us for u, like in ur face proud t b sag

  13. Damm good.. I am born saggi and I proud to be what I am.. Always projecting my arrow to Sky High…

  14. Im a Sag and my fiance is Aquarius and were crazy about each other:)

  15. GO SAGS!!!!!

  16. I’m a Saggitarius and my husband is an Aquarius. So true! We were dating for three weeks and got married! Been married for 11years and still going strong!

  17. I am a Capricorn that has been happily married to a sagittarian for 30 years so I suppose the exception proves the rule.

  18. “I am the Archer,
    Clear and true.
    Who will be my boss?
    Never you!”

  19. I am proud to be a Sagittarian. Good to see you all my friends

  20. We run things always and forever

  21. ive dated a scorpio and i have to say that it was the longest lasting and best relationship ive been in. but you know how it goes when your young in a tempting situation >.>

  22. Victoria Onderka // February 7, 2012 at 10:24 pm // Reply

    I’m Constantly Falling In Love With The Wrong Sign. For Ages I Had A Crush On A Capricorn And Now I’m Dating A Cancer!!!!!!!

  23. I am a Sagittarius and proud of it. And Im with an Aquarius <3 hehe

  24. <~~~~Sag 100%!!!!

  25. Okayy… I want to get together with a Pisces and I am a Sagittarius… Why does it say that we are aggressive? I mean some of us might be.. But I’m def not. They say Sagittarius can hurt Pisces’s feelings… I would NEVER hurt his feelings… I LOVE HIM LOL.. why would we show aggression to someone who we love so much?! I mean yah ppl do argue sometimes.. we are human we do that… But we wouldn’t argue so much that our love would end because of that… lol funny bcuz I sound more like a Pisces instead of a Sagittarius. :) I think somethings are true whereas some arent.. I tend to be a leader and more independent… But then it’s like we need our freedom.. like WTF??!! Im a person that would rely on someone for support.. Just like a Pisces. So yah we would rely on each other.. I’m not trusting this crap lol I think our relationship would work if I tried…

    I apologize if this offended anyone (I don’t get why it would tho lol)

  26. Im a sagittarius and proud, i have adhd that proves me sagittarius

  27. Mimi Leo $ life // March 1, 2012 at 5:51 pm // Reply

    I am a Leo sagitaurius they rule along wit us Leo and Sag $ LIfe BABY!!!!

  28. well,, im’a sags girl and i’m dating with a sags man. This is not a worst relationship for me, this is really incredible and full of laugh and romance. so, I think to be with the same sags is not bad. im enjoying sooo much. <3 #aproudsags

  29. Mr. Ridley // April 2, 2012 at 3:28 am // Reply

    Sagittarians may have their flaws but we don’t need them pointed out to us on a regular basis by those that are jealous of our affectionate, friendly mannerisms :)

  30. i am saggittarius, i think in my side is true, sag is honest and kind, loving, friendly person. Mostly sag is impulsive when they think it.

  31. i am sagittarius, i think in my side is true, sag is honest and kind, loving, friendly person. Mostly sag is impulsive when they think it.

  32. Savannah Rupert // April 7, 2012 at 1:00 am // Reply

    Sagittarius rocks I am glad to be a Sagittarius

  33. Does a relationship wk between aquarious woman and a sag man? What are some of ur experiences?

  34. I love my sign even more now.
    Now I know why I don’t like some people. . .
    This was very interesting. (:

  35. I’m a sag ;) an luv it

  36. so is 2 saggitaruis together good or bad? were alot alike.

    • That is hard to tell. sometimes saggs is fine together but other times it is a warzone between them.

      -#1 Saggitarius 11/24

  37. cielo sophia // June 13, 2012 at 8:27 pm // Reply

    my ex boyfriend was a sagittarius, and i am a virgo. that was a very complicated relationship. funny that i found the reason of our break up on the description above.

  38. I am a sag woman and currently dating a Scorpio man and it is really a romantic and loving ralationship. We have even been talking about marriage :D don’t some sag eventually just think about travel but end up settling down in one place

  39. I always thought I was a Sagittarius. I was born on November 22. I’ve seen conflicting dates. Some sites say I’m Sag, others say I’m a Scorpio. Based on characteristics, I’d say I’m a Sag. What am I officially?

  40. I’m a sagittaruis,but im not anything like my sigh i count on other people im super lovable and stuff im not anything like this more likely to be cancer then anything else i get along with everyone else

  41. I am a sag that is with a capricorn and this is so true because i was married to an aquarius and it is possible it could have worked but didnt see the out come. Being with a Capricorn makes me miserable we dont get along snd i need to find different

  42. I’m a sag and proud to be, GO SAGIRRARIUS! I’ll let my arrow fly high and beyond the sky! I think this link will help me when I’m looking for a relationship.

  43. My symbol is Sagittarius and in real life I’m an archer witch is Sagittarius in Latin also the girl i like was born in September so what’s her symbol

  44. I am a Sag, I love being the way it describes. It’s true I am afraid of being tied down officially, and I have numerous close friends that I would trust with my life. I love them all and I like how it says that Sagittarius people can be truthful, honest, and loving which I’m all those things. But aside from being afraid of getting tied down, I do have a crush on an Aquarius and he happens to be my CLOSEST friend. We complete each other in so many ways.

  45. hi i am a sag me my self i dont like being a lone but who ever i am with i like to be with them only most of the time i juest dont no how to explain u all no what i meen?

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