Sagittarius Love

Sagittarius Love

- Likely to takes risks
– Loves original compliments
– Wants independence
– Is not quick to commit but if they decide to do it, the commitment is steady
– Comes up with interesting ideas to spice up relationship

The Archer can be either committed in relationships or extremely independent. For restless and freedom-loving Sagittarius, long term relationships can be frightening at first. Being committed is never easy for this sign; they put independency first and have a lot of flings before they settle down.

One of the main indicators that the relationship is successful is when it takes time to develop and passes the test of time. If it is meaningful for Sagittarius, the relationship can be satisfying and fulfilling. People born under this sign always have in mind that romantic relationship has to be enjoyable and they are able to get as much positive emotions from it as possible.

In general, Sagittarians have a very active imagination which can be a very beneficial for relationship. It is all part of the playing Sagittarius enjoys so much. If Sagittarians are committed they are not frightened by trivial problems, social status or differences of education. But the one thing Sagittarius never forgives is deceit and dishonesty. Once they made a decision to end the relationship, there are very few chances to win them back.

This sign rules the House of Philosophy which means they are the Archer seeks spiritual and intellectual knowledge in relationships. They tend to analyze and explore their loved ones in order to know their views on the world. They want their partner to be their friend and companion, someone to talk about everything that comes to mind. Such people want to experience everything there is when you are in a relationship – they want to feel all ups and downs.

At the same time, they want to have an opportunity to explore the world outside the relationship and once they feel that their partner is trying to put them in cage, they often decide to leave.

As a true fire sign, Sagittarius needs love to be a little bit risky, playful and adventurous. When the Archer feels that his/her partner is worth it, he/she can do many things for love. When the “target” is exciting, Sagittarius does not hesitate to shoot for the stars.

Male Sagittarius can lose his head for mysterious, honest and independent woman, but he will be romantic and caring until he feels he is being controlled. Female Sagittarius is not too interested in settling down, having children and idle family life. Even when they are married, these women are not the kind of housewives men would like them to be – they are strong, independent and forthright. There has to be enough stimulation for Sagittarius to be a perfect lover.

What Sagittarius looks for in a partner is a soul mate, someone who is good-hearted and ready to share. They like their lovers to be as spontaneous as they are. Otherwise, Sagittarius can easily get bored of the whole relationship routine. Truth to be told, Sagittarians often wonder what love really is and they sometimes confuse passion with love.

They have a very unique understanding of what relationships should be like. Nevertheless, a love relationship can be developed if Sagittarius’s partner provides enough friendship, excitement and understanding. Once Sagittarius is committed, it is very easy to work with him/her for the sake of this relationship.


Sagittarius is a fire sign and that says a lot about their romantic characteristics. Those people like intimate encounters and they are very active in the erotic part of relationship. They are willing to try just about anything, so they need their partner to be as open-minded as there are. This sign is no way shy when it comes to sex and they are very willing to experience it as often as possible. Even though Sagittarians value independency, they are ready for romantic adventures. They like romance to be innovative and exciting, and if their lover is worthy of trying they can be more than willing to be surprisingly attentive partners.

Both male and female Sagittarius doesn’t like trite things. They are not likely to believe that love is a fairytale; there are no flowers and teddy bears in their romance. Instead, they choose original and meaningful ways to show their loved ones how much they care about them. In romance, they prefer extreme sensations, spontaneous adventures and passionate conversations. Sagittarians are very honest and open about their intentions, so if all they want is to have a little fun without any serious commitments, they tend to tell their partner about it. However, they are in no way egoistic lovers. This sign is known for passion to explore every side of life, so they are likely to listen to their partners’ wants and needs.

15 Comments on Sagittarius Love

  1. Read this….Arnold

  2. So very true! Feels like I jus read a whole book about me! us sags are def something serious!

  3. true true i would say the most important thing is to be loved without judgement because thats how we give love

  4. I agree with Chrissy….a whole book….and a good one! :D

  5. “In romance, they prefer extreme sensations, spontaneous adventures and passionate conversations. Sagittarians are very honest and open about their intentions, so if all they want is to have a little fun without any serious commitments, they tend to tell their partner about it.”

    I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

  6. i love sags they are so nice im a leo and am good with my sag

  7. sanaullah baloch // December 31, 2011 at 9:57 am // Reply

    ohhhhh my goodness i likemy trait and i m luck one sags are best

  8. My sag. Man is awesome & he seems to read me like a book. Hes very conversation stimulates my heart,mind & body. Weve decided to mary, im happier with him then ive ever been….im a virgo.

  9. shawnasey johnson // March 4, 2012 at 6:16 pm // Reply

    sagitarius r taking sometimes to b mean n selfish. n thats because they hate lyers n people try to deceive. n other words. we dont get fooled easy by liers. 9 times out of 10 if u got away with something our eyes r closed because we r loving u so when ur caught in one.pretty much all ur chances were blown to peices.our eyes then begin to wander.

    • Uh actually they r pretty respectful u just must have did some thing dumb im an aquarius and my compatibility with a sagittarius is 90% let me know ur sign!

  10. me I am personally a taurus and my girl is a sag and things work out overall just because the simple fact that we overall have a lot of respect for each other and I love the girl.

  11. Yeah i have been dating a male sag for a year and have accused him of being self-centered and irresponsible many times. He tells me he loves me but doesnt really show it. This is a perfect synopsis of him. He says he is sensual…….yes he is…independent….yes he is……47 never been married….no kids….all of this to a T!!

  12. Katie Stevens // June 9, 2013 at 4:51 pm // Reply

    Sorry but all of this is wrong to me. Im a Sagittarius and I have no problems with long term relationships honestly thats all i ever wanted was to be in a relationship that was a full comitment and i wasnt scared i was excited so you need to fix this shit i quit doing it because this shit is always wrong about me

  13. hi i am a sag that guy ex splaind me egzactly i am n ot phone literat yet he for got one thing when we sages no when its site what we show it comes frome deap in are harts

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