Sagittarius Personality Traits

Sagittarius Personality Traits

Positive Personality Traits of Sagittarius

Positive qualities: optimism, honesty, liveliness, generosity, good sense of humor

Sagittarius is usually the soul of the company. The reason people are attracted to them is their inborn ability is to act in a very relaxed and honest manner. Sagittarians are tolerant and open-minded, they will never judge someone just by physical appearance and they tend to accept environment without any preconceptions.

Sagittarius trusts other people easily but he/she expects the same trust in return. When they communicate with other people Sagittarius people are usually open and forthright, so you just know that such people won’t talk behind your back. This quality makes them very reliable companions, beloved friends and family members. In addition, they are never selfish or proud, so their generosity is usually something to be admired.

One of the most positive qualities of Sagittarius is a great sense of humor. Such people are not likely to cry alone at night because someone said something bad about them. The Archer accepts everything with a smirk upon the face and they don’t take themselves too seriously as well.

Sagittarians are natural-born optimists; they believe that nothing can bring them down. This ability not to be stressed by every little trouble allows them to go further no matter what. Their energy always saves them from misery because by the time they realize they failed, there is already a new adventure planned.

Sagittarians don’t believe in deceit and they trust people dearly, they are rarely ever suspicious of anyone. They also expect others to trust them in return. Such people think well of other people, as they think well of themselves too.

They have very high standards, always aiming for more than it is possible to achieve, and this quality makes them respectable in the eyes of society. All in all, Sagittarius is the most enthusiastic, positive and energetic of all Zodiac signs.

Negative Personality Traits of Sagittarius

Negative qualities: carelessness, impulsiveness, forgetfulness, tactlessness

Many Sagittarians have problems with controlling their egos. They are used to thinking they have all the right answers and sometimes other people are put off by such attitude. Much like other Fire signs, Sagittarius has own set of rules and doesn’t like to be told they are wrong.

They prefer to be always in control of the situation and people. However, no everyone likes to be controlled so there are situations where Sagittarius can be considered to be obnoxious and egoistic.

They also often expect full recognition for every accomplishment. Like a true fire sigh, Sagittarius is quick to get angry and their energy can transform from positive to negative in a heartbeat. Those people can be very insulting when they don’t think before speaking their mind, which is exactly what happens to them most of the time.

In many cases Sagittarians simply don’t consider the effect their words can have on other people. Sometimes, their lack of tact and dark sense of humor goes too far and other people can be offended.

Because they are so restless and impulsive, sometimes their energy is wasted which leads to temporary cases of depression. This happens when the Archer doesn’t focus the stream of energy into one direction. They can also be quite irresponsible because they want to do everything at the same time. Consequently, some projects are left unfinished.

Sagittarians are quick to come up with ideas but they have no patience and concentration to complete them. Such behavior can irritate other people, especially when Sagittarius is irresponsible in the work-place. When their work doesn’t bring them enough satisfaction, they can become inconsiderate and even tensed.

Sagittarius tends to take risks without thinking it through. As a result, sometimes those risks turn out to be foolish. Their inability to handle finances is can also be considered as a flaw, especially in a marriage. Sagittarius is also a sign known for passion for adventures and risks, so many of them indulge in gambling, leading to dangerous lifestyle.

31 Comments on Sagittarius Personality Traits

  1. I’m an open book. I am overly trusting… It has defeinetly gotten me in some bad situations. But I’m learning from my mistakes and am beginning to keep some things private. I don’t need to share my story with everyone I meet lol.

    • Oh my god! My ex best friend told me that and it ruined my marriage. Too funny that I look back at it now. So true about us though. I trust so easily. Hate that about myself.

  2. lol. I’m an Aries and I highly doubt I will ever date a Sagittarius ever again. They don’t take love seriously enough, even though they pretend like they do. They’re serial monogamists, and they always keep people waiting in the wings because they’re manipulative as fuck. They kill you with kindness even though under that you KNOW they’re just doing it to be manipulative and hurtful. If you don’t go along with EVERYTHING they think is a good idea they get butthurt and push you out of their lives. They spend money faster than they can earn it, and a lot of them are alcoholics. They also don’t think before they act and don’t give a shit if they shit all over everyone.

    lol, give me a Scorpio, please.

    • Wow, that’s a little bit of a generalization, don’t you think?

    • An you are sooo right bc my childs father is a Sagittarius an he’s everything tht I dislike in a man, at first it was good an he seemed mature but as a little time passed I started to see wht I true Sag was all abt an everything you listed abt Sag is so much like him.

    • as a sag myself i can tell you if you learn to trust in a sagittarian many times they will pamper and give you the world as long as they have the power to. i cant speak for all but i can say that from what ive seen we will rarely lead you in the wrong direction. the hate for sagitarians often comes before the break up because once confronted its on to the next one and thats not what people want to hear in that situation. plz dont direct your anger to all sags many of us are better then that its all in how you pick them.

    • Misza Blah Blah // January 14, 2012 at 7:12 am // Reply

      Whoa, dude. Just because you had a bad relationship with only one Sagittarius doesn’t mean every other Sag is just like that one person. Everyone is their own individual, so it’s totally ridiculous and immature to generalize an entire group of people based off of just one individual. Also, if your ex-Sag truly was manipulative, then they’re possibly not a Sag because one’s date of birth alone does not tell a person’s actual zodiac. Only one’s date, time, and place can truly determine their zodiac. Besides, Scorpio seems to be more manipulative than a Sag will ever have the capability to be: that stuff is just unnatural to us.

    • Not everything that was wrong with you ex has to do with being a Sagittarius…
      I’m a Sagittarius and I was with an Aries man for a while, and he was the one to break my heart.
      I could say that, because of him, all Aries men are arrogant, ill-tempered players. But that was just him.
      I take love more seriously than anything else in life. True enough, I’m a serial monogamist, but I don’t string people along. When I’m with someone, I’m with them and only them. When that relationship end is when I begin looking for a new one, not while it’s going on… And typically it takes a little while before I get back out there. I’m the farthest thing from manipulative, as I’m always the one getting played and hurt. I have never hurt someone intentionally (except, perhaps, out of hurt that they caused me). If I have an idea and someone doesn’t like it, then I openly invite them to suggest something better suited to them. I hate alcohol. And I don’t always think before I act, but I always feel terribly guilty afterwards if it negatively effected someone else.
      All in all, your ex sounds like a sociopath and that has nothing to do with being a Sagittarius.

    • Btw, That person you talked about sounded like my husband and he was NOT a sagittarius. So I too do not believe you can categorize all people. Yes, be cautious and steer clear of another one like him. That is certainly my goal! Too bad though, he was so good at his lies, etc, I had no idea I was the fool. Hopefully I am learning. Manipulation sucks and if it is present, I am not! Well I am praying that I see it!

  3. I have had a best female friend who was a sagitatrian. We only ever got on well when we were doing things that mattered to her. I am a taurean and I always wanted her to feel comfortable and at ease so i allowed this most of the time.
    I have tried to date a Sag male, and he always made me feel uncomfortable with myself because his ego was so big, he was always right and also very inconsiderate about my feelings when he said and did things. It was his way or the highway. Our relationship only ever lasted a week at a time…..on and off every 6 months we would date for about a week before our next fall out and we did that for 2 years, only to enjoy the sex tohgether. Sag men are always willing to please in bed, they will do anything that makes you moan.
    This Sag male was obnoxious, but a very smooth talker. You would fall for his sweet words that got you in a corner where you could not resist to refuse an offer, and then you would be dissapointed later at the results. They are very mellow people and selfish with their space and time. Anything else out of the relationship would matter more at any given time and as a taurean this would be completely opposite for us.
    I would never date another Sag in my life. Thank you very much, unless his personality comes across much different, more like a taurean:-)

    • i myself am a sag and ur ex sounds like an ASS!! thank God you got rid of him, i wouldn’t be able to handle him either

  4. Sag people aren’t that bad they just need a little more of life experience and little less of adventures to realise how the express their ego’s. I am a sag myself and i know how to setlle myself when i know and remember that i am out of line so don’t be too mad at them

    • David Moreno // May 4, 2012 at 3:57 am // Reply

      Got that right. Ten years ago in high school? I ran my mouth like no tomorrow when I got passionate. Last night I got into in with some illogical anti-nukes that couldn’t accept the fact that someone that didn’t learn some nuclear engineering in university like them could hang in the conversation. After 10 minutes of heated debate, I switched topics and we enjoyed the rest of the night. In the end, the people that are ‘butthurt’ from any of the signs will demonize them as a whole, and that’s not cool. <– Spoken like a true Sagittarius

  5. Cleo Phoenix // December 22, 2011 at 9:30 am // Reply

    I don’t have a big ego at all :(. I’m a realist, not an optimist. I’m horrible with ideas and im too afraid to take risks. This just doesn’t describe me at all. lol

    My ex had an ego out of this world but he was a Scorpio.

  6. i am a text book true blood sagittarian who has just recently began believing in zodiac signs. when i finally took the time to look up the meanings of mine i was surprised to find that nearly every trait matched me personally. this shit is crazy… im super generous(ill give a dollar to anyone and wont ask questions), optimistic(i, honest(accept when im trying to accomplish something;)), stubburn, reckless and spontanious(if an idea sounds good to me ill persue it till the end weather it works or not). And i swear this isn’t my “ego” talking.GREAT in bed(says the women that fall so easily for me when things reach that point, not me) and its safe for me to say im 99.9 perent right most of the time. However i often end up leaving relationships in heartbreak because women tend to get possesive of the qualitys i offer and i hate that(love freedom and to be independent). I’ve had 3 women attempt suicide after i broke it off thinking that i was the one and couldn’t live without me(love is one of a kind, “the one”). not my finest chapter and it eats at me but true never the less. It’s nice to know that many of the patterns in my life can be explained by my zodiac. Comment if you’d like

    • I am a Sag and everything you said up above is true for me too. I don’t really take Love seriously unless it’s with that special person that I keep on a pedestal. I have gotten so much wiser from life experiences and I learn quickly. I can agree that my sex is on point I guess which has caused every Male and Female (yes I’m a woman) to fall in love with me. In the place of all Sagittarians I ask for your forgiveness and no hard feelings for the Heartbreak. We are not manipulative we are real and we speak on how we feel at that moment. Problem is that we get bored or turned off quickly so we no longer feel that way about you

  7. Im a Sag girl I’m quite optimistic but also VERY realistic…some ppl accuse me of being too negative or cynical…

    i really don’t have an ego… not in my opinion
    i don’t trust people easily nor do i let them in…I’m pretty shy and introverted….until u piss me off or something

    I’m quite cheap, i prefer not to spend money if i can avoid it, if its not important to me then i WILL forget it.

  8. I’m a Sag and my boyfriend is too… and I tell you we fight a LOT. Trust me 2 Sag won’t last.
    I mean he has all the negatives traits mentioned above. Controlling, possessive, aggressive and so much ego inside that he forgets I’m a Sag too.

    My best male friend is a Sag and my father is too,I get along with the first but never with the 2nd.

    Share with me your story if you have a similar situation.

  9. Misza Blah Blah // January 14, 2012 at 7:27 am // Reply

    Haha, I’m a Sagittarius and it’s true that we have some big egos at the start, but that doesn’t mean we cannot learn to control it. :) Though I guess some may be arrogant is because they may be surrounded by immature people (such as ones that say rape is ‘cool’, discriminate others for petty characteristics), and it’s because we have a strong sense of justice that it can lead us to believe we are better than everyone until we come across someone who meets about our moral and intellectual standards. Not all of us are necessarily egoistical. Ugh, that’s a nasty state of being D:

  10. I’m a sagittarius woman and I agree with this for the most part. I do not agree that sagittarius have an ego. I always respect the truth and I’ll take advice from anyone weather your 7 or 72 . When I’m debating with someone of course I think im right, who doesn’t? And! I always give a person a chance to prove me wrong. But! I am an intellectual and a philosopher at heart so if you come with it you better be able to explain to me why you feel that way.also the sagittarius can be a bit irresponsible but we are very independent. I’m the youngest of 10 children and I’m more financially stable then most of my siblings.

  11. After reading the traits of Sagittarius I noticed that most of the positive and negative traits are traits I have. I’ve found this very interesting.

  12. I am a sag guy and everything written here is just me

  13. wow all these qualities are so damn true..
    i am a sag boy..and i love my freedom and i am a very egoistic person at heart..
    relationships not my cup of tea..
    eye opening article

  14. I think a saggittarius male can be a blast to hang around with but I do notice they are kinda malnipulating and love to fish for compliments. I can’t really understand why they are unable to relax and just be. As long as one can keep feelings out of it I guess we can be cool.

  15. Well I think all the good things are true.. But umm I’m a sagg and I’m shy( at first) and I have a low self confidence I don’t think I’m better than anyone Im scared to take risk yea I noticed that I differ from most people in my ethnicity but I guess thts my low self esteem .. Im allways thinkining way to much about something. And for some reason i cant say no or be mean to people. When it comes to love okay I admit I don’t fully show it but it’s just because I didnt know if he really loved me and I was scared to get hurt. Though I didn’t tell him in words I would write him like deep letters and he texted me and said “awe why did u do tht .. Man I’m speechless.. I love u i love u omg why did u have to write that” and like three days later he broke up with me. Exactly what I expected I know the letter had something to do with it but aye what could I do I know I loved him deeply and he hurt me but I forgive and forget easily now he is just a good friend of mine.!! BUT THIS ABOUT SAGG’S IS NOT TOTALLY TRUE .!! EVERYONE KNOWS THT EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT DUH.!! :-p (:

  16. I AM A PROUD SAG WOMEN! Some of everthing that I read above DEFINETLY applies to me. AND I LOVE IT! It’s ALL GOOD! In every sign you have the good, and the bad. I expect my significant other to be confident, and I look for someone who can deal with my sharp tongue.

  17. I am not a sag, but a really good friend of mine is one. She is crazy, playful, spontaneous, and I love her to death. Besides her I don’t really know any other sags. However I am currently having a problem with a female sag. She’s self righteous, immature , jealous and had a the biggest mouth I know. I know if she continues to run her mouth, I’m going to stick my foot down her throat! Maybe that will tame some of that ego.

  18. Im a sag and so is my mom. I can honestly say we only had one big fight. But other than that we get along great. All the traits above are so true for my personality except the spending part. I like nice things but I’m cheap as hell. Lol. I am so monogamist that when I’m in a relationship I don’t even notice other people exist.

  19. Well I’m a Sag, and everything is somewhat right. But I got my heart broken by someone I loved, it hurt, it still hurts but I don’t let it plague me days on end. It’s true Sagittarius people are alcoholics but I only drink occasionally, or celebration wise. Other then that I shy away from alcohol till New year’s day. In very optimistic ways I can’t cease to hurt anyone that I come into a relationship with, its devastating and very blatantly crucial personally.
    I apologize if I sound too prideful in being a Sag, but some people should know we’re not all negative or hurtful.

  20. i use to be alcie but withe me if i hade enough ihade enougfh tired police taxi iam sag i quit on my own no help from no one it was hard to get ride of erg have one and only one beer and let it be trhen go on if u have that contrrole

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