Sagittarius Personality

Sagittarius Personality

People born under this sign can be described as adventurers, always in need for space and independency. Many of them are afraid to be tamed and they constantly crave for new experiences.

Sagittarians have a very developed sense of self-respect and self-confidence. When they have a goal to be achieved they give their all energy, so sometimes they may appear too aggressive or impulsive.

Nevertheless, they can be compassionate towards other people when they want to be, especially towards the ones they care about. Sagittarius people respect morality, customs and traditions.

Sagittarius is the ninth Zodiac sign; it is ruled by Jupiter which is responsible for luck, happiness, humanism, optimism and clear mind. The sign of Sagittarius, the Archer means broad concerns, the aim to achieve something larger than life. Sagittarius must have a handful of everything – history, culture, secrets, power, and poetry.

Once Sagittarians experience everything this world has to offer they want to understand the deeper meaning of it all, but they need independency for that to be done. They feel attracted to distant waters, new cultures and people. Deep down inside those are very religious people who believe in spirituality and expedience of development.

Most Sagittarians are active people and they tend to lead healthy lives. Nevertheless, they are oriented to spiritual things as well; such people enjoy philosophy and are always in search for truth.

Even though they always want to learn new things they are quite impatient to endure teachings. So the best way for them to learn something is to go outside, meet interesting people, experience everything by themselves and come back stronger and wiser. Sagittarius people like to share their wisdom with other and they make great teachers and consultants.

It is very important for Sagittarians to have a goal and to believe in the things they are doing. Only then they can give their best and be the perfect employees and employers.

Sagittarians like to travel, explore new cultures and lifestyles. Those people cherish traditions and valuable old things. They have a very strong will to be absolutely free and they almost never let something or someone completely restrain them. Most of the time they are not very good at marriage and it takes a lot of time and effort for them to settle down with one partner. So, Sagittarians are not too quick to tie the knot.

From a very early age Sagittarians show the need to be surrounded by people, and they always want to be in the center of attention. Consequently, they find it very difficult to cope with loneliness.

Sagittarius people often stay children at heart all their lives. The motto of Sagittarius is “I see”. Their main argument in discussions is that they saw everything with their own eyes and that is enough to be perceived as the truth. Sagittarians have lots of goals in their life, and they tend to do many things at once.

If every Zodiac sign had own uniform, Sagittarius would be wearing blue jeans, as a symbol of freedom and adventures. Those born under this sign are rarely ever completely attached to their home and family, they are independent and always searching for new spaces to explore.

Usually, Sagittarius is educated, consistent, creative and original. It seems like those people have an incredible zest for life, and they can dedicate all their time searching for something new. They avoid spending time alone think about what the world may be and what they could achieve there; they jump right into action and see everything themselves.

They can easily become interested in religion or philosophy because they feel attracted to mysterious and spiritually rewarding spheres.

Although it may seem that Sagittarius is quite scattered and impulsive they are very dedicated to their ideals and fundamental beliefs. Many Sagittarians are very patriotic and they believe in working for your country’s benefit (in fact, many famous warriors are born under this sign). They have a very strong sense of honor and they believe things like fighting for better being to be sacred. Such attitude sometimes can even make them look mysterious, but this has a lot to do with principles and Sagittarius sure is guided by them.

In a way, this is quite controversial sign, because on one hand, Sagittarians are conservative in their ideals, but on the other hand they are always ready to experience everything new and contemporary. Anyway, those people follow their heart and they are rarely ever deceitful or insincere.

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  1. now i know why all my 3 daughters wer like that…tnx for this informations about sagitarians ppl.. we always fight bcoz i still dont know their inner character.

  2. Im a sag an this is pretty on, it hit me when it said child at heart/ the thing about being impulsive. The big thing is Luck things do seem to always work in my favor, but still I wonder why. @ shirley I’m sure your house is very random with 3 sag’s. A sag is kinda hard to figure out but the one thing is we are honest and expect it in return an we will always do things at random so jus be prepared

  3. My entire life since grade school was about obsessing over information and philosify. i have an encyclipidic memory a condition where i can remember any information about anything from the top of my head. i have always considered morality in everyday choises though i am not religous i still feal obliged to saccrefice personal reputation and time to protect others. the point of this messege is to inspire others (teens and children most of all) to live an educated, broad minded, moral, and a free lifestyle. this is the sagitarion lifestyle

  4. im theo and im a sag. this article is amazing. its like ready a biography of myself.

  5. I think i would agree to all of it at a basic level.

  6. Dead on!!! I don’t believe that I disagreed with any of it at all. Definitely an adventure. Take pride in my self-confidence and self-respect, now a days it is lacked by so many. Extremely compassionate. Couldn’t agree more that I have the aim to achieve something larger than life, always trying to understand the deeper meanings of the world and the things that go on in it. Very independent. Have been on my own since a young age, and I like it much better that way. I am a loner, but in the same sense I am 100% personable and I love to be around people. I am most certainly a sagittarius, no doubt about it!

    • Lol there’s another Natasha lol heyyy my names Natasha too!! Lol some things make sense but some do not. I’m not impulsive or aggressive (only when I’m really pissed lol) I guess I was like that when I was younger.. But not noww .. I am very attached to my family.. They mean the world to me… Sagittarious just doesn’t describe me that well I mean a warrior.. I’d never consider myself as one… I hate it how everyone says we are rude mean aggressive and impulsive ppl.. I mean that might be true for some ppl but dfinatly not me

  7. whitewolf975 // September 2, 2011 at 7:56 pm // Reply

    my horoscope says sagittarius,and i can’t believe how correct it is!though i do like being with my family…

    ps.i wont use my real name,thats why it says whitewolf(this statement is not necessary :) )

  8. this is like reading about myself. i love to travel im a child at heart. i cant be tamed by anyone. pretty much its all truth

  9. This is got me dead on i forget alot of stuff, I have big plans for the future and dont want to settle down till im dead.

  10. Am truly a sag wow am a religious an a spiritual person that is so me

  11. Iam so at peace with what ive just finished reading.zzz

  12. haritha reddy // September 27, 2011 at 8:40 am // Reply

    damn true…itz juz lyk sumone iz describing meh!!!

  13. Hello everyone :) Wow after reading this article I’m convinced I have a stalker because this description of the sagittarius fits me completely!

    So I had typed out this huge thing, but after reading this article, I don’t know if you all would like to hear another description about yourselves lol :)


  14. Adegbohun adebola // September 30, 2011 at 8:51 pm // Reply

    Now I know am a typical sagittarian

  15. this is the truth. sometimes i hate that i am one, but it’s who i am. we are a complex sign, for sure.

  16. Thats definitly Me!!!

  17. That is so freaky. It is almost spot on except I dont believe in spiritual stuff. I go for what I think and I can beat up all the boys in my class plus teachers who try to make me say sorry are not gonna get it! By the way I am little so no saying I am some immature adult.

  18. Deffenatly me Im currently writing this in some crappy ict leasson instead of doing the work

  19. I wonder why us Archers don’t look for a partner who is the same.
    Sagittarius and Sagittarius would make the perfect match.
    They understand eachothers needs, they are both so adventurous .. etc.
    I myself would love to date a Sagittarius, if I wasn’t already in a relationship with a Libra.
    It would make things a lot easier, I guess.

  20. i totally agree with this article describes briefly what life as a sagittarius is like..Really interesting

  21. I’m a PROUD Sag. I have a big arrow tattooed on the underside of my forearm. (It was definitely an impulsive thing :) One of my passions is reading about astrology and the stars and this is probably one of the better articles I have read. @ Shirley…..OMG 3 SAG GIRLS!!! That’s a lot to handle. Although I’m sure you will be close with them when they are older and have moved out.

  22. yes, these are all my traits…it’s uncanny. Kind of scary too especially when we read about the love compatibility signs….darn…I really wanted to be with the scorpio too, but it sort of read me the act on that love relationship….dead on….and that is before it even happens…but I’m still going to go,,enjoy it even if for the one time…cause that’s how we role! New experiences…yet, a dreamer and drifter all in one…! And how true about liking healthy lifestyles…always having a passion of some sort, appearing mysterious to others, it would seem…just doing our own thing really and always want to be center of attraction…this is so true. I want to be adored by everybody..esp. men. Even if I’m in love with one man…I still like that adoration,,,crazy I know.

  23. information is good..but hope u can post more about this…….i need to know all about it…..

  24. I usd t like that but I nevr imagined that I wuld rally act that way..

  25. I’m a Sagittarius and I’d say this is a very accurate description. The only thing I wouldn’t agree with (for me, personally) is that Sagittarius find it difficult to cope with loneliness. That’s never been an issue for me- as social as I am, my optimism allows me to see the good in “alone” time and it’s become something I’ve been able to appreciate.

    Do any other Sagittarians find that their closest friends tend to be Scorpios?

    • sagittarians & scorpios are a lot alike. Ive read that ONLY a sagittarian can teach a scorpio how to express their emotions freely. why is this? Since sagittarians are considered the role models of the zodiac, i believe we rub off on them. crazy shit.

      • Yeah, Scorpios tend to be a little more emotional than I’m comfortable with but they can also be a good balance for the tough skin Sag’s tend to possess. Very interesting!

    • Erin, I couldn’t agree with you more~I embrace my alone time! The remainder of this is spot on and I’m proud to be a Sag!

    • Deep inside you dont like being lonely. Just admit that to yourself.

    • I’m a Sagittarius and my best friend of 10 years is a Scorpio!

    • I love being in my own company and cannot tolerate crowds. Also my best friend is a scorpio and she tells everyone that she has never met anyone more similar to her than me. We are a lot alike. Also i am glad that i stumbled across this information. It really does explain a lot. I am so proud to be me!

    • Erin, I couldn’t agree with you more! My optimism really has helped me to embrace “alone time” and really grow to appreciate it. In coming to this realization, I have also discovereCod that “alone time” is essential to further develop a sagittarians inner growth. As I was reading through your post I must say it was jaw dropping to me when I read the last line “Do any other Sagittarians find that their closest friends tend to be Scorpios?” Coinsidental or not, it’s crazy because my best friend of 7 years and counting is also a Scorpio!!! If anyone happens to have any articles/links I could read up on to better understand why this may be, then please do share!

    • YES, my best friend 4 life iz a Scorpio! 4 some rezon Sagittarius and Scorpio seem to match up(best friend wise)

    • JOEY

      Hi Erin :-) yea my best friend is a scorpio and also my partner.

      As for the rest i do agree with most of it except i hate travelling especially long distances i get bored too easy.And i dont trust anyone i have in the past but now NO WAY!

    • David Moreno // May 4, 2012 at 2:50 am // Reply

      Haha, guys, I don’t think they meant lonely in the literal sense of being alone in a room, as I, too, like my alone time. I’m pretty sure that it’s more of an emotional loneliness that we fear. In that sense we surround ourselves with friends, figuratively, of course. On a side note, I got my wanderlust licked, I live in Japan now! XD

  26. jainth thomas joseph // November 16, 2011 at 9:44 am // Reply

    not evert thing works for me, but some things…….. well its good to find some thing like this. thanks.

  27. This really just helped alot of things i wondered about

  28. Monqiue Gordon // November 17, 2011 at 8:50 pm // Reply

    This Is Sooo Right… Its Like Crazy How Im Reading About Myself Line By Line. Sags Rule :D !#TeamSagittarius!

  29. Monqiue Gordon // November 17, 2011 at 8:51 pm // Reply

    Oh And @Erin Most of My best Friends Were Aries.

  30. I think this is correct I hate being crowded I

  31. This is correct I hate being crowded I love moving I usually move every few years just to experience new places and new things ,people, I’ve taught school for over 12 years and loving my freedom in relationships!!!! I’m optimistic about everything I find the good and will over come never tell me I CAN;T DO SOMETHING I WILL PROVE YOU WRONG EVERY TIME AND I ALSO FIND THINGS ALWAYS WORK IN MY FAVOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. This is definitely me. I am a proud SAGITTARIUS. I really enjoyed ready the article.

  33. These are mainly written from a psychological standpoint. Gaining the readers attention and making them believe what they are reading is personal to them.

    On the other hand, I am a sag and I want to believe. A lot of it is pretty bang on.

    Who knows, not I, until I die. Even then it’s not a forsure!

    29 years old and a kid at heart.

  34. Im 12-2-94 and most of this really says alot about me. I always say i fight when i have to. I also write poetry which catch much attention. And im very compassionate towards my loved ones as well.

  35. WOW! This is so spot on, I`m a Sag! and I do ALL of that.. No wonder people perceive me as aggressive! lol..

    I read all the comments too, and it`s really nice to read about other people that have the same traits as well (I`m glad I`m not the only one)

    This really helped me put my personality into words. We are so complexed it is really hard to explain a lot of things.

    I also have an obsession with learning everything I can, especially history, historic religion, historic foriegn cultures, and finding the truths.

    I also have a really good memory, remember things I`ve only read or seen once. I love being Sag! although my randomness suprises alot of people.

    It didn`t say that when we feel like a certain colour looks nice, we dont just wear a t-shirt in that colour, we could wear an entire outfit of that colour.

    • Harley, I totally agree. I will periodically clean out my closet and find that, since my last purge, I have accumulated a vast assortment of the exact same color. One year it is orange. One year it is plum. One year it is red. I just bought a house, and even though I didn’t plan it this way, all the rooms I’ve painted have wound up being some shade of cool green or the same color of coffee. How funny. I am glad it isn’t just me!!

  36. mostly accurate i enjoy my alone time altho i never really feel alone because i talk to god in those times lol!!! i am right on th cusp of scorpio and sag and luck or god whatever it is i am blessed!!!! 243,000 miles on my car it stiil amazes me that baby goes. GOD is LOVE. Am ready to settle down tho!!!!! i like the idea of having my very own family

  37. This is right on. Im a Sagittarius. Definatly a child at heart seeing that Im 20 still watching cartoons lol. I do have a passion for new things and I do love philosophical ideals because I am studying to be a psychologist. Im happy i read this article because alot of those points sound just like me :)

  38. Wow…. I’m at a loss of words… Describes me perfectly! The part that got me the most was the patriotism. I’m willing to stand up and fight tooth and nail for my country and for justice….
    Waaahh~! Sag girl for life <3

  39. This is wonderful. I felt like I was reading a biography on myself. I understand why I’m so obsessed with having my time spent with people, I am happy to hear that I will grow out of it. Haha.

  40. well for one thing is that in order for me to learn somthing new or explore,
    i needed my space of freedom, i broke up our 4 years relationship cause i couldnt be tied down but at the same time i let go of somthing very precious. this article is true of wat saggs are and the older i get the more i understand of what i need to gain and learn in order to take action.
    never fear of what i cannot do and i take many chances of doing it and at the end of the day i accomplish somthing. I hate telling lies cause it makes me feel guilty so being sincere was my best bet and not feeling like crap.
    so point of all we like to see things with our own eyes and understand the meaning of it and i tell you i do that every single day. instead of being on one level i aim for the next and see what it can bring me. So right on

    • ahh forgot to add my best friend i known for over 10 years were a scorpio and my ex was a scorpio somhow i seem to get attracted to those kind of people. I find aries are very interesting people since they almost share the same interest as i do but somhow i just cant be attracted to them but i can see as friends kind of deal.

  41. Sabrina Miles // November 24, 2011 at 6:27 am // Reply

    This is amazing.. I can’t believe it I have to read it again!.. This is right on.. The best one I have read! Happy Birthday Sags!

  42. I’m a Sag and i agree to these traits. I’m adventurous, loves to travel, loves to learn new cultures, really like to try new things and learn things on my own. I’m stubborn and don’t submit myself to anyone (which end up an argument with my parents). I always want to do things on my own and be free so at age 15 i left home and live on my own. Since then i seldom spend time at home. When i’m depressed and disappointed, i always look at the brighter side or find the positive side in every negative things. Difficulty in coping up with loneliness? It wasn’t a problem at all for me.
    At work, i always make sure that the outcome of my work is more than what my boss expects.
    I don’t wanna get stuck in one place or doing the same thing over and over again. I always seek new places and new things to learn more of life.
    When in love, i love deeply but can set the person free (without questions) if he needs his freedom just like how i always want to keep my own individuality/identity when in a relationship, and automatically steps back when the guy is trying to put a tie on me. I feel like being strangled. I always wanted to be free.

  43. and oh, i’m close to Aries…

  44. I am a Sag am I the only one that has fallen prey to deceit of my own heart all you have said is true but you all left out that we are easily manipulated by others because we wear our hearts on our face and sleave I for one do not trust my heart or my eyes because both have left me litterally broken in all aspects of what an Sagittarius is supposed to be if there is any of you that have experienced this please let me know that I am not totally alone here in this bubble?!!!!!!

    • Well i dont trust at all! I Have been broken and felt defeated but when i feel like that all i want to do is fight back and get back up. And its not always going to be 100% right but take what u can out of it and learn from that because although we all mite have the same starsign we are still indivduals :-)

  45. I am Sag bt my best friend is Gemini!

  46. OMG,,that’s absolutely tha truth Dec16 sag all the day:)

  47. Annegeelaah D. xD // November 28, 2011 at 8:06 pm // Reply

    YAY! perfect description of me (: , this is like me, being all optimistic. and my besties are gemini and libra and aries .
    I’ve always been an independent child …. and i used to have this obsession over the history and royalty of england xD
    I love music … i don’t think that was mentioned here . oh well , and and and and i like to ….
    ooh . i hate being lonely . ):

  48. Wow this is me totally

  49. Wow this is definitely me I’m a true Sagg and proud of it Lmao!

  50. Wow that really helped me figure out why I am the way I am

  51. I’m dating a Scorpio what should I do? Should I dump him? I don’t like what this article had to say about the match. I think I’m falling for a Scorpio. I’m open for Sagittarius and Scorpio relationship advice please.

    Oh and Yes! This article described my personality to a T. I love being a Sag!

  52. This sums up just about everthing a Sagittarius is. I love being a Sag, being independent is probably the best thing abou it. I always tell myself to NOT depend on others & i am so glad i don’t! This describes me perfectly, MY way or noway c:

  53. This description of a Sagittarius is 100% correct… as I was reading it all I could think about is ‘this is how I would describe myself’. I don’t think there is one characteristic written in here that doesn’t describe me to a ‘t’…. Wow! What a great website. Thanks for all the info!

  54. I’m a saggitarius and im in love with a scorpio scared shitless for the article cuz dont wanna lose her been two years now and my mate hes a scorpio to and they are just alike ive known him all my life hes my bestfriend and they have exactly the same personality lol

  55. Sagittarius- This all describes me amd how I am.

  56. I cudnt add or reduce it fits me totali….GUSH DAATS JUST ME. ITS D BEST ARTICLE I HAVE GOTTEN AS MY EXACT DESCRIPTION, daats a secrit.

  57. Im 100% agree on 1 thng thts freedom. disagree one thts that we dont like to be alone. I like to be alone more than to go in gatherings.

  58. I’m a Sagittarius and proud of it!

    While most of the things pointed out in this article are true, I am not religious at all!

    However, I love travelling and creativity.

    Fairly accurate predictions!

  59. I can’t doubt any of these characters in me. I’m truly amazed.

  60. Helpful info..buh I don’t possess some traits explained bellow..maybe wit tym I will discover dem

  61. While most of whats said here is true about me, im not religous at all. Though this is interesting im only 16 and i dont intend to let it dictate the rest of my life. Space, time, and humanity fascinate me…to think the universe is never ending..i hope to go explore the great beyond find an feel free from the shackles of normal everyday life on earth…

    • David Moreno // May 4, 2012 at 3:06 am // Reply

      No, it doesn’t dictate your like, just your tendencies. Anyone can say that there is something here that doesn’t quite match, and that is true because we are still INDIVIDUALS before anything else. Heck, my twin brother got married relatively recently, and we’re still in our 20’s… for a couple years, at least.

  62. i m a Sagittarius and im lucky i always believe there is some kind of force to why my life is perfect i love life love exploring the world and very religious inside these was great information

  63. Wow, I thought I was just different from my family. Always on the go, my motto go home when there is no other place to go. This year, I got up on Xmas morning and looked at the kids and said let’s go to Florida, booked it that afternoon and flew from Canada the next day.

    This was very helpful, however don’t truly agree with the compatibility chart, I was happily married to a Virgo fir 18 years, he passed this year.

  64. Riley Liptak // January 7, 2012 at 5:04 pm // Reply

    Deffinatly a Sag(:

  65. I am born on the 23rd of December and I display most of the saggitariuN traits in my personality very bubbly an outgoing, but i do tend to err on the side of caution with money. I always read both horoscopes etc

  66. I’m a young Sagittarius… I’m 15 and only a freshman in high school but, damn! I feel like this explains me completely! Although, I do like alone time (sometimes)… I do hate to be lonely though… All of this… is… so… right on the point! I actually can’t wait to read more! Thank you for this website!

  67. I’m glad to be one of the Sag and always find it joy to connect with fellow sag.

  68. aishwarya pudiyandi // February 9, 2012 at 6:48 am // Reply

    we mighyt be aggressive by nature bt dat doesn’t less compassionate…………
    AFTER ALL WE’R D BST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  70. … Sometimes I wonder how some of these things can hit the nail dead on. I guess I know why

  71. wow…this is so true..
    its definitely me…i love philosophy,i love being independent,its me….

  72. Thnx 4 the info

  73. I am sagittarius and it is just like me but i like being alone and i like experiencing new things and stuff

  74. Esperanza Perez // March 6, 2012 at 8:45 pm // Reply

    I am a sag.. and this discribes us to the T, except you forgot that we are amaing lovers and experienced and not afraid to experient in any sense of the word. We wear our feelings on our slevee and arent afraid to put ourselves out on a laim and see where things go ..

  75. I am dumbfounded this describes me pretty much perfectly. I usually don’t believe in this kind of stuff and put it as mumbo jumbo or some thing that someone has well worded for profit but the evidence fits the case. It describes me too well XD

    Whoop whoop Sagittarius rule

    I don’t agree on the marriage thing and the being centre of attention. I would easily be able to marry and stay in a long relationship I put my whole heart into women that I love I never leave them and never will. I let them chose and leave me it is disheartening and hurts me lots but I still stay friends with them or on good terms.

    It take a while to recover but I have hope yet to find the one for me I am only 20 and from Ireland which is a bonus XD.

  76. Sagi for life! // March 19, 2012 at 5:32 am // Reply

    Omg! This is unreal! Lol I have a passion for writing/poetry and sporty things as well. Lol I hate being proved wrong ( I’m never wrong XD) it’s so uncanny because most of the people I know are sagi’s and scorpions but it’s been interesting a guy I know is a sagi as well and we tend to understand each other completely. There’s no way I would want to be anything else. GO SAGITTARIUS! (someone should make a website for just us sagi’s that would be FANTASTIC!)

  77. some what is true n some not.yes coz of that v r mysterious.i really want to be independent but somewhere i feel i want to be with some one.i hate to be alone.i dont know myself.

  78. This is so true about my sign!

  79. Now i know why my life is like this, this is just me. Good to know n also happy to be a sagittarius.

  80. It’s like reading an autobiography of myself,relationships strangle me,i luv music, i like being alone at times.speed ,thrill,new adventures is what makes my heart skip a beat .
    Everything is spot on..
    This is how we roll:)

  81. humaira shah // April 23, 2012 at 8:18 am // Reply

    thanks for a detailed information about Sagittarius now i come to know why my husband is not serious about his own family setup and shows no attachment . I wish i could read all this before getting married might be i could be spared from this mentally torture .

  82. Erin I agree about the alone time,I enjoy having time to myself to just think, read ,or if I’m on a mission, to finish one of my latest projects (I’m a painter ) But then I do find that when I’m finished that I want to share it with someone.My best friend is my sister and she is a scorpio.I don’t know about the rest of you but I always got in trouble in school for daydreaming,just couldn’t stay focused on the here and now and loved story time when you were allowed to let your mind just wander lol

  83. Clark, I can relate to the heart on the sleeve comment. You are not alone in this . I can’t speak for all of us but i know that we (myself anyhow) put on a tough front and value honesty , morals , trust , loyalty and assume that others hold it to our standard and when they don’t we are at complete loss as to what they were thinking and it hurts us.Then up comes the tough front and somehow the same person is able to chip away at that wall and we do it all over again,just because we are trusting

  84. I’m Tori, and I am also a Sagittarian.. But the reason everyone thinks that this description fits them oh-so perfectly is simply because everyone takes their own experiences and what they LIKE/WANT to think of themselves and fit it in with the paragraph. If you were to be, let’s say, a Virgo, of course you would say that this Sagittarian description isn’t you at all, because you already KNOW your title as a Virgo. Horoscopes is just the belief that somehow the line-up of stars and constellations completely irrevelant to people somehow change and/or affect the personalities of human beings. I am no older than 14, and even I know this. I am not religious. I am a realist (most of the time, but who doesn’t need a little optimistic advise/words every once in awhile.)
    Obviously, you are looking to solve some type of problem or answers of some kind to be looking up horoscopes, and personalities. Or maybe you just don’t know who you are? So you go to the broad category of every Sagittarian having the same personality, which in reality, has no affect to an individual. Seek out your own answers. This is my advice to you. You cannot depend on horoscopes to guide your daily lives. Live free. Do what you want, not what your “horoscope” tells you.

  85. JUst wanted to say im pround to be a saggiterius . I think our zodiac sign is beautiful

  86. This is exactly how I am!!!!

  87. Hahaha and we love to learn about ourselves to.

  88. OMG!! This describes me to the TEE!!!

  89. It is spot on, but not everything goes my way. I’m a sag and I totally agree with this, all of it!

  90. I’m a sag as well, and it’s amazing how spot on this website was! At first I thought it was my autobiography

  91. I’m a very blunt person and a lot ppl say I’m mean and sometimes evil. A lot of ppl can’t handle the truth straight forward wit no sugar coat. We as Sagges can’t be tamed by no one maybe for a little or less they want to be. The world has so much offer that one person can’t give unless he/she is that one. I’m a true Sag to the S.

  92. Im atheist so I don’t really believe this but its so on, on my personality .

  93. This sounds like me! I am a child at heart. Very focused when I want to be. Learned in the past few years I have a problem being alone. I learned that late in life. The spiritual part is very true. I amaze myself.

  94. This was spot on. It was like reading a essay where someone was describing me. This was awesome and enjoyable.

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